By a coincidence, the Sindria and Kou empire party end up going to the hot springs at the end of summer to kick back and relax. You can read the first part in here.

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Magi volume 22 message paper. I wonder what’s Hakuei’s dream and word to her past self.

Note: changed Judar’s world domination to world conquest.

Anonymous: Soooo, thoughts on last magi chapter? I'm wondering exactly how kouen plans to make his ideas work. I mean, using Al-Tharmen? Yeah, I can se that going so well *sarcasm* also, yup, Sinbad's attitude may be annoying, but he's a political leader with lots of responsability who knows what he's doing and what he's dealing with. It's rather understandable why he doesn't want to compromise with Al-Sarmen in any way. (kind of ironic he's the only one behaving like an actual politician there XD)


Hah! I don’t find it ironic because the reality is, Sinbad has been a ruler the longest.

Muu is a charming general playing at political leader now that Scheherazade is dead and Kouen had no intentions of being Emperor because he spent most of his life not being in line for the throne until his uncle and cousins passed away. If things had turned out a different way, Muu would still be a warrior and Kouen would probably be a general as well as an avid historian. However, Sinbad created his own country (unlike reim and kou which were both established long before those two) which requires much more political savvy than inheriting something.

As for Kouen, I think he’s overestimating his ability to rein in his stepmother, as well as dismissing Hakuyruu. With Judal by Hakuyruu’s side, he could cause much more damage to the Kou Empire than Kouen is anticipating. And of course Gyokuen is a force to be reckoned with still, with her obvious ties to Arba.

I think Kouen should go down for obvious reasons; an imperialist society with an established slave system and a wiping of culture is a gross perversion of a unified world. And I, for one, agree with what Ja’far said would be a more reasonable unified world: one that kept its autonomy and society while still supporting each other through alliance. And more importantly, a world where everyone is free.

And I don’t think Sinbad is being anymore underhanded than he has to be: of course he wants to keep an eye on Kou if they become allies, because they accepted an organization such as Al Sarmen with open arms! And it is again understandable as to why he refuses to ally himself with Kou if they refuse to defuse from Judal’s sphere of influence, considering Judal has frequently threatened to destroy the country Sinbad has spent years making a safe space for immigrants and people who need a place to call home.

All in all, I can’t understand the logic behind finding Sinbad evil or unreasonable. Kouen’s accusations of Sinbad not using his power to move the world and instead using “dirty tricks” was simply his own reflection of ideas being put on Sinbad. Sinbad has not “moved the world” because he does not believe in Kouen’s vision of a homogeneous utopia (which in practice is disgusting and impossible)

Anonymous: Kouen would probably do that vine where he sets himself on fire with "THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" playing in the background. what a dingus


he d fucking do it with the astaroth djinn equip juST STANDING THERE IN HIS FUCKING FLAMES until the vine ends im so mad at his man